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Vadim Yangirov: Marathon becomes trendy

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Vadim Yangirov: Marathon becomes trendy 17 June 2016,11:00

(Tatar-Inform, June 16, Alsu Safina). A month ago, Kazan hosted a marathon, which gathered about nine thousand participants from Russia and abroad. Vadim Yangirov, the director of the Kazan marathon, told Tatar-Inform about its results shared the future plans.

It was planned that ten thousand people to participate in the Kazan marathon, but there were a few less. Were you satisfied with the number of participants?

Vladimir: We received 8.9 thousand applications, a little more than seven thousand people finished. This is a normal figure. The number of participants was satisfactory, because we have made a great breakthrough. We conducted a large advertising campaign in conjunction with our partners in the social sphere. According to our data, about 4.5 thousand people came from other cities, 150 - from other countries. Not bad, given the fact that no PR campaign was held abroad, as we focused on Russia. More than 500 cities were represented at the running. Many of them visited Kazan for the first time. I hope that they will come again. Only about 80 free places left out of 1,400 at the marathon distance. The half marathon and 10 km distance were fully occupied. There was shortage at three-kilometer distance. I attribute this to the fact that people did not come for the short distance from other regions and the running movement in Tatarstan is not so highly developed. This is our potential. We have prepared a comprehensive development concept for 2017 and up to 2020. We know how to attract 20 thousand participants. This target has been set to us by the President of Tatarstan for next year.

May it happen that students and employees of companies to be forced to attend the marathon?

Vladimir: I want to emphasize that no administrative resource was used this year, it will not be used in the future.

The motto of this marathon, held on International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, says "Test Yourself". Will the social themes be changed?

Vladimir: It will. I am grateful to Andrei Zlobin, a native of Naberezhnye Chelny, who now lives in Moscow. I'm thankful that life brought us together and we held the race together. Now we are analyzing the data collected during the marathon, whether it is effectively unite social and sports part and if it applies to people positively. Global experience is positive. I think we will continue to keep the social component. But I can not say what it looks like next year.

How many people passed HIV rapid testing?

Vladimir: About 600 people. This is a good indicator.

Were there many complaints from citizens due to the road closures?

Vladimir: This year, we began to notify residents of Kazan on the upcoming closure of roads in advance to decrease a negative reaction. Moreover, some streets were not completely blocked. But, unfortunately, marathon participants complained on cars and buses moved close to them. Nowhere in the world races are organized this way. In case of participating 20 thousand people next year, we cannot put them at risk allowing to run in parallel with the transport.

Will you need to change the certificate to the track?

Vladimir: It is valid for five years, if we do not change the route. The organizing committee has some doubts on the route. Participants start at the Kazan-Arena stadium and get on a two-lane road, it is six meters wide. This road is too narrow for 20 thousand people, so we think whether to leave the route or move the starting place. Soon we will apply for inclusion the marathon in the calendar of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races. Initially, it was planned that the Kazan marathon to determine the composition of the Russian national team for the Olympic Games in Rio. But the Russian championships was moved to Volgograd.

Was is a disappointment and a principled issue?

Vladimir: It was not a disappointment or principled issue. Only one percent of participants were professional athletes. Registration for the race opened on October 1. By the time we had been contacted by the Russian Athletics Federation with a request to transfer the marathon for two weeks, we received a plenty of applications, someone might probably buy tickets to Kazan. So we refused to do it. The absolute winner of the Kazan marathon Tatiana Aryasova, who in addition to 100 thousand rubles received won 400 thousand rubles, said that Russian marathon prize fund was good enough.

Was it only sponsorship funds?

Vladimir: Yes, it was. It was not easy but we did it: Last year, the prize fund amounted to 600 thousand rubles, this year we brought it to one million rubles, setting the prize at 400 thousand rubles for the absolute winner.... In terms of the world races, it's very good sum, even under the current course. Money got by the rest winners were less. Omsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg grant higher prizes in Russia. The most important things for us is running lovers and high-quality service.

Will you be able to keep the prize money at the same level?

Vladimir: I think so, even increasing it. In addition, I think, we will invite famous athletes from abroad.

How many referees are required to serve the event? Were they all from Tatarstan or come from other regions?

Vladimir: They all were from Tatarstan, only the chief referee and the chief secretary of the competition were from Moscow and Cheboksary. A total of 130 specialists were attracted this year, but it was clearly not enough.

A few months before the marathon you announced that famous personalities to take part in the event, but, finally, only Vera Brezhneva came.

Vladimir: Stas Pieha was at the event, Basta visited the exhibition, but he could not stay in Kazan because of a concert. The reasons are objective. I am grateful to them for facing an advertising campaign and coming to Kazan. The marathon was attended by Vera Brezhnev, Elmira Kalimullina, Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov, Prime Minister of Tatarstan Ildar Khalikov, Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin. Many thank to them.

What are your plans for promoting the running in the republic?

Vladidmir: This year, in conjaction with the Federation of Athletics of Tatarstan and Tatarstan Ministry of Youth and Sport we will hold a half-marathon in Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk and Kazan. Most likely, It will be held in Kazan on October 2. We will attract people from all over Russia. It will be a week after the Moscow marathon, the most mass in the country.


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