Fifth congress of Tatars adopts resolution

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Fifth congress of Tatars adopts resolution 10 December 2012,12:17

The attendees were presented amendments to the WCT regulations as well.

(Kazan, December 8, Tatar-inform, Lucia Kamalova). The fifth World Congress of Tatars assembly on Saturday adopted a resolution in Kazan. The plenary session was held at the Korston centre, chaired by Peoples of Tatarstan Assembly chairman, Farid Mukhametshin.

Attendees were Tatar Federal National and Cultural Autonomy council chairman, Ildar Gilmutdinov, President of Tatarstan Department of Internal Policy chief, Alexander Terentiev, and others.

“You come here with joy and we feel joy seeing you in Tatarstan. You live in various parts of the world in friendship and accord with other nationalities. Yet, you do not forget your native language and culture. Let is be like that in the future as well!” Tatarstan State Council chairman said.

Amendments to the WCT international union of public associations were then presented. In particular, the WCT was said to be planning to join the UN.

WCT executive committee lawyer, Artur Zinnatullin, said amendments stating that the WCT would support and promote UN’s ideas needed to be made to the WCT regulations. More amendments were related to opening branches in Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. The delegates voted for the proposed amendments.

Russian Islamic University rector, Rafik Mukhametshin, presented a congress’s draft resolution.

“Upon reviewing and debating the reports and speeches of the delegates, and analysing the role Tatars played in the modern world, the congress set vectors of the Tatar nation’s ethnic and cultural development, and defined of its further consolidation.”

The World Congress of Tatars was undoubtedly one of the Tatar people’s most successful projects, he stated. 

“It has become a national organisation, bringing Tatar communities together,” the resolution reads.

The WCT’s fifth assembly reaffirms its commitment to consolidating the nation, the document reads, and highlights the need to increase Russian Federation’s integrity; it advocates interethnic, interfaith and civic agreement.

The WCT priority areas of activity included safeguarding the Tatar people’s cultural identity, unique culture, language, traditions, religion, as well as continuity of generations, the delegates declared. F. Mukhametshin suggested the resolution be adopted in general and finalised with account to the made amendments. The resolution would later be forwarded to President of Russia for information, Tatarstan parliament speaker said.

“We have heard many various interesting ideas and serious proposals over these last two days. There have been constructive reports and interesting proposals; tasks for the next 5 years have been set and results of a great work summed up,” F. Mukhametshin concluded.

The assembly opened on 7 December in Kazan.


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