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Russian bandy players blessed for victory at world championship in Kazan

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Russian bandy players blessed for victory at world championship in Kazan 21 January 2011,16:50

(Kazan, January 21, Tatar-Inform, Kristina Ivanova). A prayer service for victory of the Russian bandy team at the world championship has been held today at the Cross-Exaltation Cathedral in Kazan.

After the religious service the national team members and the team management took part in a press-conference at Tatar-Inform agency.

President of the International bandy Championship (FIB), head of the Russian Bandy Federation Boris Skrynnik informed that on December 29, 2009 an agreement with the Russian Orthodox Church had been signed. According to the document, the Church takes the national sport – bandy (so-called “Russian hockey” – Tatar-Inform) under its patronage.

“For 15 years the national team of Russia goes to the church to receive blessing for hard work, dedication, luck,” head of the Federation said.


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