iPad tablet PC officially goes on sale in Kazan

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iPad tablet PC officially goes on sale in Kazan 9 November 2010,16:24

Three retail networks will sell the Apple product.

(Kazan, November 9, Tatar-inform). The Apple iPad tablet PC has today been officially launched on the Russian market. Three retail chains, including M.Video, Bely Veter and re:Store, will at 7 pm Moscow time begin selling it.

The price of the Apple tablet PC ranges from 19,990 roubles for the 19GB version without a cellular module to 32,990 for the version with a 64-Gbyte memory, 3G and GPS models. By comparison, the same versions are sold in the US at $499 and 829.

The Apple chief Steve Jobs presented the iPad PC in the early 2010 and on 3 April it went on sale in the US. They almost immediately penetrated Russia and were first sold on the gray market at up to 100 thousand roubles a piece.

According to the Gazeta.ru, M.Video will first sell iPad in only four cities, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don. Bely Veter will sell iPads in Kazan.

The size of the first tablet PC batch brought into Russia has not been officially disclosed but according to unofficial reports, it could be 3 to 4 thousand devices. Before the year’s end, Apple plans to supply 40 to 50 thousand products to Russia.



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