About agency

The Information Agency “Tatar-inform” is the main and one of the most respected and highly professional sources of information covering political, socio-economic and cultural life of Tatarstan. It was the first and today remains the only state central information agency in the republic.


In 2005 ‘Tatar-inform” marks its 15-th anniversary. The history of the Agency began on June, 6 1990 when in compliance with the resolution of Tatar regional committee of the CPSU at the suggestion of the regional committee’s publishing house, State publishing committee of the TASSR and the joint Soviet-Finnish enterprise “Point” the self-supporting information agency “Tatarinform” was established.


Previously created to be the main source of prompt and objective information about Tatars and for Tatars, living all around the world, over these years it has become, on the one hand, an operative connecting link between Tatarstan and Tatar communities, and on the other hand, a powerful information resource of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The list of the Agency’s clients includes the hundreds of leading mass-media of the republic and Russia, the Administration of the President, the Government and the State Council of the Republic of Tatarstan, ministries and departments, business circles and public organizations. A widespread network of correspondents, well-organized information exchange with Tatar mass-media and public organizations, settled disperse worldwide, enables the Agency to provide quick news covering the life of the republic and Tatar communities.


On the web-site of ‘Tatar-inform” more than 50 daily reports of the Agency’s correspondents from the cities and towns of Tatarstan, and also from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, the Volga region, Ural, Siberia, the CIS and Baltic countries, comments on the current events by leading politicians, state and public figures are published in real time, a wide spectrum of opinions of Tatarstanians on topical questions is reflected.


“Tatar-inform” distributes socio-political, economic, scientific, financial information in the Russian, Tatar and English languages.


Director General Leonid TOLCHINSKY 

2, Dekabristov street, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia
Phone/ fax:
+7 (843) 537 91 57.
e-mail: info@tatar-inform.ru